Completed diploma at The Strand College of Beauty Therapy, worked in various salons (Village Perfumery, Bamboo Beauty & Spa and Urban Spa) in the St Ives area for the last 10 years.

About Lowena Beauty & Nails

  • About Me

    Hi I’m Lowena, here’s a little bit of information about me.
    Having first started as a hobby, I’ve now been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. I’ve always
    loved nails and had great joy striving for nail perfection. This led me to the completion of my
    diploma in beauty therapy at The Strand College of Beauty Therapy.

    My career started in Sydney’s North Shore at the fabulously cosy and well known St Ives Village
    Perfumery (inside St Ives Shopping Village). This is where I met the lovely Sethi Family who taught
    me the high standards to adhere to in the beauty industry. This is also where I met many of my very
    loyal current clientele (thanks for putting up with me!).

    While the Sethi family ran a very successful business within the shopping village, we were limited to
    the treatments we could provide to our clientele due to the size of the premises.
    From here, the entrepreneurial skills of the Sethi family allowed us to move from this cosy
    environment of the village perfumery to a much larger premise at Pymble. This new location
    allowed us to provide many specialised treatments such as IPL for the face and body, spa jet body
    treatments, and a huge array of different peels for the face and body and skin needling.
    Working for The Village Perfumery St Ives gave me not only crucial experience within the industry
    but also a set of versatile skills which I have applied to my Salon today.
    It is my loyal clientele and the Sethi family that have given me the support and confidence to start
    this adventure.

    How it started

    I’ve always been asked “why don’t I start my own business” and never thought it was right for me.
    After the Sethi family decided to exit the beauty industry (many of us still weep at the thought), one
    of my loyal clients (you know who you are!) encouraged me to start my own small business. A local
    hair salon, EHB Hair Studios, had demand for beauty treatments and was looking for a therapist to
    join their team. At this time I was still uncertain if it was the right thing for me.
    Following a meeting with the owner of the hair salon, Catherine, I was much at ease and felt like I
    was back at the bustling Village Perfumery.
    Unknown to me at this time, I had already met Catherine’s daughters many years prior (small world!

    So here I am looking forward to this new adventure of responsibility. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t
    for the Sethi family, my loyal clientele over the past 10 years and the new support of the wonderful
    people that make up the team at EHB Hair studios.


    This is simple, I want to provide, good, honest treatments with high quality products at a reasonable
    price. Each client has different needs, and each treatment is tailored to the client.