Deluxe Facial

Practically nothing takes care of struggling skin like a Deluxe Facial by Lowena. Based in St. Ives, New South Wales, Lowena will show you how skin is meant to look using a few simple steps that will revive your skin and leave it looking gorgeous.

But, why does skin need to be revived? The answer is simple: Taking care of the skin on your face is crucial, because it’s the part that everyone looks at and even the best applied make up can look dreary if it’s not been applied to a good canvas. Daily life throws a lot at our faces, whether it’s the weather or air conditioning, and even the most beautiful women in the world need to take care of their skin.

Perhaps your face looks tired and worn out, or maybe it has become prone to breakouts recently. Whatever hassle your skin is causing you, a facial is exactly what it needs to look hydrated, fresh and free from pimples, because Lowena can help figure out what exactly the problem is and ensure that you are treating your personal issues using the right products at home, or even eating the right foods.

The Deluxe Facial works in a variety of ways:

First is the Double Cleanse that removes the dirt and grime of pollution, makeup and other skin products from your skin. It’s called a Double Cleanse, because most cleansers only remove so much, and are known to leave a layer of oil on the surface of the skin, that needs to be removed in order to allow your face to look fresh. So, a second cleanse allows more grime to be removed.

Next will be the Exfoliation, which helps to remove dead skin from the surface of the skin. Not only does the idea of having dead skin sticking around sound revolting, it is also a prime contributor to dull looking skin. Therefore, getting rid of it allows the new skin to shine through and look radiant.

If needed, the next process will be an Extraction, which will remove both blackheads and whiteheads from your skin, if you have them. Extractions are recommended for anyone who is suffering from acne breakouts on the skin, as it will remove the problem leaving skin clear.

Once your skin is clean, radiant and free from the causes of the problem, now comes the relaxing part, so sit back and relax. Remember that Facials aren’t just about taking care of your skin; they’re always about taking time to chill out and de-stress.

Your relaxation begins with a wonderfully indulgent Facial Massage that encourages blood flow around your face and helps you to unwind by relaxing any tension especially in your forehead. Increasing blood flow helps your skin to look fresh.

This will be followed by a Treatment Mask, which helps to restore moisture and nourishment that your skin may have lost either from excessive use of harsh skin care products, cold winds, the sun’s rays or even heating systems. Adding moisture helps your skin to retain its youth.

A Serum will also be applied to the skin, to add even more nourishment to the deeper layers of the skin.

Many of us completely forget about our eyes, but they need a little help too, so they will also be treated to an Eye Cream. This will help combat puffiness, redness and dark circles from around the eye area.

The final step will be adding Moisturiser that hydrates your skin and helps it to feel silky soft to the touch.

A Deluxe Facial by Lowena costs just $85 and lasts for an hour, so if you live in St. Ives, Killara, Gordon, Turramurra or Pymble in New South Wales, make your appointment with Lowena today and discover what beautiful skin really feels like.

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