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We can’t all be blessed with naturally nails; the kind that grow to a good length without snapping or splitting. Perhaps you’re a nail biter (hey, we’re not here to judge), or maybe they’re just weak and brittle. If this sounds like you, and you live in the St. Ives area of New South Wales, then Bio Sculpture Nails by Lowena are probably what you are looking for.

Bio Sculpture Nails are the ideal solution for both temporary and long-term false nails, because unlike some types of Acrylic Nails, Bio Sculpture is very gentle on your natural nails, meaning that it won’t damage them. This is ideal for applying over your own nails, whilst you allow them to grow and become stronger, and as Bio Sculpture is so kind to your nails, long-term wear won’t harm your real nails or weaken them.

The reason that Bio Sculpture is gentler on the nail is because it is ultimately a gel-based product that is not bonded using any form on primer, bond or anything that dehydrates the nail, which causes them to become weak and brittle.

Lowena provides five Bio Sculpture Nail services in her Salon:

Bio Sculpture Gel Overlay can take between 45 minutes to an one hour to complete, and involves the general application of the Gel over your natural nails. The gel that is applied is incredibly thin, allowing your own nails to grow and having the strength and support of your own nail instead of a tip glued onto the natural nail. 

The Gel is applied directly onto your existing nail, in the same manner that you would apply a typical nail polish.

Nails grow amazingly quickly when a Gel Overlay is applied to them, making this product ideal for nail biters, and the result is beautiful-looking nails instantly, whilst your own nails are given the chance to strengthen and become just as beautiful.

Cost: $65

Bio Sculpture Infill’s take roughly one hour and fifteen minutes, and are necessary when your existing Bio Sculpture Gel Nails need a little touching up. When to come in for an infill depends entirely on the natural growth of your nails. For example, someone who has nails that grow really quickly will probably need to come in for an Infill sooner than someone whose nails grow fairly slowly.

Bio Sculpture Nails used on your fingers typically last up to three weeks, before they will need infills, whilst toes can last up to eight weeks.

Cost: $45

French Bio Sculpture Infill’s also takes one hour and fifteen minutes, and is the same as a Bio Sculpture Infill, exept the overall “finish” is different, in that your nails will also receive a French Manicure, rather than being clear or coloured.

Cost: $50

Buff and Polish for Gel takes around 20 minutes and involves buffing the nails (near the base of the nail) to smooth out the growth in order to maintain your gel nails, and adding colour to them.

Cost: $20

Bio Sculpture Nails don’t last forever, and whilst they can be maintained using infills and buffing, they will need to be removed eventually (when the gel ages or looks yellow). This will be done using a process known as a Soak Off.

Typically, this is a speedy process that involves soaking the nails in a Gel Remover using cotton wool that is applied directly to the nail. As this is quite an intense treatment, the nail - with soaked cotton wool - will be wrapped in foil for around ten minutes. This gives the Remover time to penetrate the gel encouraging it to peel easily away from your natural nail.

After the removal of the gel, it is advised to have a regular manicure to maintain the nails and take home products such as cuticle oil, cuticle cream or buffers to use to keep nails hydrated and healthy.

Cost: $20

If you live in the St. Ives area of New South Wales, make an appointment to get your Bio Sculpture Nails now.


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