Eyebrow and Lash tint

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting has become incredibly popular over the past few years, but why are so many women doing it?

There are a wide variety of reasons why someone might get either of them done, including:

  • To cover grey hairs in the eye brows
  • To match the brows to their hair. This is popular if you have gone a completely different shade of colour, compared to your natural colour. For example, if you are a natural blonde but have gone brunette you might choose to darken your eyebrows so that they don’t look so different.
  • To define the shape of the eyebrow,
  • Enhance eyelashes.
  • For Special Occasions, such as your Wedding Day, Graduation, Birthday Celebrations etc.

Eyebrow tints can be mixed up to practically any colour, so if you have dyed your hair a funky colour, it’s quite likely that you’ll be able to match your eyebrows to roughly the same colour. This isn’t quite so easy for eyelash tints.

Nevertheless, even if colouring is limited with eyelash tints, they are fantastic for making the eyelashes look longer. It might sound strange to think that a tint could possibly making them seem longer, but it works because eyelashes are naturally lighter at the tips. As a result, this can make eyelashes look shorter than they really are. Therefore, adding a tint makes the entire length of the lash the same colour, allowing them to really emphasise the natural length.

Lowena offers four Tinting Services from her St. Ives Salon:

An Eyelash Tint costs just $18, and takes around 20 minutes. The tint is applied to your lashes, kind of like a “glaze” and the colour is left to take. To protect your eyes, they will be rinsed many times that ensures you don’t get any product in your eye.

Eyebrow tinting costs $15, and again the tinting product is “glazed” over the hairs of your eyebrows. Prior to application, products will be applied to ensure that no tint can stain your skin. Instead, it allows the tint to simply be wiped away without any hassle. The tint will be left to “set” for roughly 10 minutes depending on the colour we are trying to achieve.

A Wax and Brow Tint costs $30 and includes tinting of your eyebrows to add colour, and then a wax in order to define and shape the brows. 

To combine an Eyelash and Brow Tint will cost just $30, saving $3.

During all treatments of this variety, a product will be applied to the skin to ensure that any residue that might seep from the brows and lashes can easily be removed.

Just like when you dye your hair, dye might be permanent but only on the hair that it is applied to. Of course, hair grows at varying rates which differs from person-to-person, so you will probably need to have them re-tinted within around four to eight weeks.


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