It’s a fact that everyone has different skin types, and different problems or conditions that require...

It’s a fact that everyone has different skin types, and different problems or conditions that require various products to help tackle them effectively, which is why Lowena uses products from the Pelactiv skin care range. Pelactiv offers an immense range, with products to suit every skin type from oily to dry, aging skin, skin with pigmentation issues, congested pores, skin that is prone to acne and/or breakouts, and skin that just needs a good perking up.

But, the reason that Lowena believes in Pelactiv products so much is not only because the products are all created and manufactured in Australia (which is - of course - pretty awesome!), but because the ranges is created using nothing but natural ingredients, with not even a hint of an artificial colour, preservative or fragrance. Nature smells pretty fantastic already, and the scent of all of the Pelactiv products derives nature’s essential oils.

Plus, it most definitely was not tested on any beloved animals.  The range is gentle is gentle on the skin, won’t irritate it and is non-allergenic.

Common ingredients found in the Pelactiv range, include:

  • Milk Extract
  • Lemon Tea Tree
  • Native Common Blackthorn
  • Desert Fuchsia Rose
  • Native Kupata
  • Wild Passion fruit
  • Cucumber
  • Aloe Vera

Products that are available, and used by Lowena include:

  • Cleansers:

The Cleansers are designed to remove the dirt of daily life from the surface of your skin.

○       Gentle Foaming Cleanser

○       Hydrating Cream Cleanser

  • Toner:

Calms the skin, and removes any excess dirt and cleanser, preparing the skin for moisturisers.

○       Essential Clarifying Toner

  • Moisturisers:

The natural ingredients absorb quickly into the skin, hydrating it and giving it lots of healthy nutrients to strengthen and protect.

○       Hydra Daily Defense

○       Oil-Free Balancing Serum 

  • Night Cream:

Whilst you sleep is actually a great time for your skin to take the time to generate and absorb moisture, so that the skin can be soothed, and left free of flaws and imperfections.

○       Nightly Rejuvenator 

  • Eye Treatments:

Adds nutrients that fight the signs of aging, which are common around the eye area. Natural ingredients are perfect for the sensitive and delicate thin skin.

○       Eye Contour Perfecting Cream

○       Eye & Lip Make up Remover

  • Exfoliator:

The lactic acid works to clear the pores of dirt, whilst removing dead skin cells from the surface, leaving fresh skin that glows.

○       Facial Refiner Deep Cleansing Scrub

  • Sun Protection:

Protects the face from the sun’s harsh rays, to prevent damage including the premature signs of aging.

○       SP30 + Skin Defense Face Lotion

  • Treatments:

Helping the skin to restore itself, leaving skin that is both smooth, but also strong.

○       Cell Renewal Complex

○       Precious Oils

  • Masks:

Repairs problematic skin, removing impurities and giving the skin back all of the nutrients that it has lost, as part of daily life.

○       Vita Moist Mask

○       Purifying Mask

○       Collagen Gel Mask

  • Body Products:

Moisture and purification for the parts of your body that often get neglected, such as the arms, legs, hands, feet and tummy.

○       Body Lotion

○       Body Scrub

○       Hand Cream

  • Vita C+ Range:

Truly problematic skin needs Vitamin C - a great antioxidant - to get itself back on track and protected against future damage.

○       Vita C+ Gel Cleanser

○       Vita C+ Hydra Moist Toner

○       Vita C+ Day Radiance

○       Vita C+ Dream Cream

○       Vita C+ Intensive eye Complex

○       Vita C+ Rapid C Serum

Lowena is a St. Ives based Pelactiv stockists, offering many different products from the extensive range.