Vit C Facial

We’re often being told to “eat our greens”, because they are bursting with all of the vitamins and nutrients that the body needs in order to stay healthy. One of those vitamins is Vitamin C, which can be found in Cucumber, Tomatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Oranges and Broccoli. It’s so good for us, basically because it is an antioxidant, which helps to build up the natural defences that keep us healthy and our immune systems strong.

One of the greatest benefits of Vitamin C is the effect that it has on our skin, including:

  • Improving the overall texture of the skin, making the surface look and feel smoother
  • It will also even out problematic pigmentation including ages spots
  • Increases the radiance of the skin
  • Stimulates collagen in the skin, which is what boosts the skin’s elasticity, making it look plumper and younger looking
  • The boost in collagen will also help to reduce the amount of fine lines

Vitamin C does this by repairing damage to the skins cells that have been caused by free radicals, such as pollution.

However, consuming your weight in vegetables might be tasty and great for your well-being, but it’s probably not going to affect the skin quite as well as it will if you apply it straight onto your skin.

Research suggests that Vitamin C-rich beauty products can help protect the skin from damage caused by the common factors, including the sun which is why a Vitamin C Facial from Lowena may be just what your skin needs to tackle those issues that every day life throws at it.

The Vit C Facial lasts for one hour, and costs $85. This refreshing treatment uses products from the Pelactiv Vita C+ Range, to stimulate the skin, whilst protecting it against free radicals and boosting it to ensure that it looks fantastic.

The treatment comes in various steps:

1       Double Cleanse. Most of us only cleanse our skin once. However, double cleansing allows for more dirt - that would typically be left behind, following the first cleanse - to be removed from the skin.
2       Exfoliation. One of the main causes of dull skin is dead skin cells being left on the surface. Exfoliation washes the cells away, revealing your beautiful and fresher-looking new skin underneath.
3       Vitamin C Infusion. This stage provides your skin with the vital nutrients from Vitamin C, that your skin needs to fight off problems that leave it looking dull and tired.
4       Relaxing Facial Massage. A facial massage works wonders, because it stimulates the blood flow in the face which keeps the skin healthy and glowing. However, taking care of yourself isn’t just about physical appearance, but also your mental wellbeing. A facial massage can help to relieve stress too.
5       Treatment Mask, Serum, Eye Cream and Moisturiser. Vitamin C isn’t the only nutrients that your skin needs, and each of these work - in various ways - at replacing moisture lost from the skin. This helps to hydrate the skin, which leaves it looking even healthier.

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