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A Salon Spray Tan is an easy - and completely safe - way to beautiful tanned skin. It’s considered safe, because you are not exposing yourself to harmful rays that could result in causing serious damage to your skin.

However, one of the biggest concerns amongst would-be tanners is the anxiety of being turned into a walking Orange, or just going a shade that is far too dark. With images of bad tan jobs all over the media, it really is understandable why you might be feeling nervous.

Salon Tanning is the best way of ensuring that you don’t turn yourself orange, because the wide variety of skin tones Tuscan Tan complements it is easy to find the perfect shade to match your individual skin tone. Tuscan Tan is considered one of the best products to use, because it contains something known as a “Violet-Tone Complex”. What this means is that the product works to counteract the yellow and/or orange undertones, instead giving the wearer a more natural looking tan.

It’s important to prepare your skin as much as you can before you get a Salon Spray Tan. The best way to do this is by exfoliating (with a scrub that leaves no oily residue) everywhere that you are intending to tan. This ensures that your tan will be even all over, and is less likely to have areas that look “patchy”. You should pay a great deal of attention to areas that are known to be drier than the rest of your body, such as your elbows and knees.

It is highly recommended to polish your nails when you get a spray tan, as the tanner will spray them too, and it is far easier to wipe of nail polish covered in fake tan, than it is to get the tan off your actual nail.

It’s also important to apply lotion to both your hands and feet, as they tend to tan at a different rate to the rest of your body.

A lot of people aren’t sure how to “dress” for a spray tan, but ultimately this is entirely up to you and your personal preference. Many tanners prefer to be nude, purely because it eradicates tan lines which can look silly, especially when wearing an outfit that reveals the lines. However, this isn’t essential, and many tanners choose to wear a bikini (often with the straps undone and tucked in), or just a thong or small underwear.

Do remember, however, that spray tans are a “stain”, in the sense that they are staining your skin. As a result, the product will also stain any items of clothing that you choose to wear, so make sure that you choose an old set of underwear, or a bikini that you don’t mind ruining.

After your tan, it is advised to wait around eight hours before you hop in water - bath, shower, swimming pool for example - as this is the amount of time that you need to give for the tan to develop.

Try to wear loose clothing after your spray tan, as the clothing could leave marks on your skin, just as much as the spray tan could leave marks on your clothing. For this reason, avoid wearing white or pale coloured clothing.

A spray tan by Lowena, at her St. Ives salon will cost $40 for one session. However, you can also pay in advance for five sessions at a cost of $175, which equals a saving of $5 per session.

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