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Our faces are the first thing that people see when they meet and greet us, so it’s no surprise that a vast majority of us feel self conscious about our skin and any imperfections. Whether our skin is too dry, or too oily, covered in acne or prone to blackheads, it is completely normal to worry about it.

Most imperfections in the skin can be eased with the right skin care products, however knowing which ones to use can be tricky and in most cases, the skin needs to be “rebalanced”, with impurities removed, before products have even a remote chance of succeeded.

The solution is of course, one of Lowena’s Pelactiv Facials. From her Salon in St. Ives, Lowena will give your skin a deep cleanse and apply products that will whip your skin back to how it should be; healthy and glowing. Plus, she will offer your excellent advice on exactly which products your skin will love, because everyone is different so this will be completely unique to you.

But, what else can a facial do for you?

  • A deep cleanse will remove all of the dirt that might be clogging up the pores.
  • It will eradicate any unwanted oils and dead skin that leave your skin looking dull and worn out.
  • It will nourish your skin - using only products that suit your skin type - providing it with all the nutrients it needs to glow and keep the skin looking younger, for longer.
  • Stimulates the blood flow around the face.
  • Relaxes the mind, as well as the muscles in your face.
  • Enhances the collagen in the skin that is needed to keep the skin plump, rather than saggy.
  • Treats pigmentation problems

Sounds great, right? Well, Lowena offers a variety of different facials for you to choose from:

An Express Facial is the perfect treatment for anyone who doesn’t have much time. Taking just 35 minutes, for a cost of $50, the skin will receive a double cleanse to ensure excess oil and grime is removed from the surface, an exfoliation to dust off those dead skin cells, a treatment mask, serum, eye cream and moisturiser to give your skin everything it needs.

A Deep Cleanse Facial is perfect for anyone who suffers from oily skin and/or needs congested comedones extracting. This treatment costs $60, lasts 45 minutes and includes everything from the Express Facial, plus extractions. Extractions can sound scary, but there really is nothing to worry about.

For one hour, a Deluxe Facial offers you the expert advice on the products that you use at home. Initially this treatment is the same as an Express Facial (including extractions, if needed), however this comes with the special treat of a truly indulgent facial massage to wake up your skin and leave you feeling completely relaxed. This treatment will cost just $85.

If you are in need of seem real pampering, how about a Skin Rejuvenation Facial. Costing just $95 for a treat that last one hour and fifteen minutes, this is the ultimate indulgence that guarantees results. This treatment includes everything from the Express Facial, but includes a deep exfoliation, an AHA/BHA peel and a relaxing facial massage to ease those muscles and get that blood pumping.

A Vit C Facial lasts one hour, and costs $85. This treatment uses products from the Pelactiv Vita C+ range, which all work to enhance the skin by stimulating and protecting it. Whilst including everything from the Express Facial, this luxurious treatment also includes a Vitamin C infusion, as well as a relaxing facial massage