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Did you know that in the film, television and advertising industries, whenever you see a hand close up that hand probably belongs to a specialist hand model? Furthermore, if you then go on to see the “owner” of that hand, well, let’s just see that it is not the actual owner of the hand. Honestly, there are people who get paid to model their hands, either because they have nice - natural - nails, or their hands are considered to be “photogenic”. It sounds crazy, but it goes to show how important aesthetics can be even in relation to our hands and nails.

However, don’t forget your feet too, especially if you intend to wear open toe shoes.

To achieve the perfect hands and feet, regular trips to Lowena’s St. Ives salon for a manicure and pedicure is exactly what you need, and for added bonuses, they are also a great way of chilling out.

There are a variety of reasons why you might choose to have a pedicure & manicure, whether it’s for a special occasion, to unwind, or even just because you feel like it.

A typical Manicure will last roughly one hour, and costs $40. The luxurious treatment will involve your nails being filed so that they are even and look neat. Your hands will be soaked in order to soften the cuticle, which makes it easier to push them back and trim them. The nails will then be buffed to remove any excess nail polish or any ridges. The treatment will be completed with a relaxing hand massage, and polish will be applied in a chosen colour.

A Pedicure also lasts around one hour, and costs $50. During this treatment, your feet will be soaked, and your nails filed to make to tidy them up. A foot scrub will be used to soften up the skin, and the cuticles will be pushed back and trimmed. The feet will then be buffed in order to eradicate any dry skin. You will then receive a relaxing foot massage concentrating on the pressure points to help you to unwind. The pedicure will be complete with an application of polish. 

You can also add extra services, such as a Paraffin Wax treatment, for just $15 for Hands and $20 for feet. This treatment is ideal for anyone who works largely with their hands, perhaps as an artist, an Engineer, Mechanic etc, or people who are on their feet a lot. However, it is also the perfect treatment for anyone with medical issues resulting in joint pains, as it works as relaxing the muscles, whilst the massage will help tackle poor circulation.

Adding an OPI Nail Gel Colour to your manicure or pedicure will cost just $18. If you don’t fancy colour, how about a French Manicure for just an additional $5?

If you are coming in for a facial, then why not add a mini manicure to your treatment? For just $20, your hands will be re-hydrated, whilst your nails will be filed, your cuticles pushed back and a nail polish applied.

Of course, you don’t have to be booked in for another treatment to take advantage of the mini manicure, as it is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have much time to fit their manicure in.

Sometimes, you probably won’t want a full manicure, either because you don’t have the time or because your hands and nails don’t need more than a little tidy up. If your toes need a repolish, it’s just $12, whilst to have your nails repolished will be $10. To have your nails filed as well as coloured polish, this will be $15.

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